Fix ‘No WiFi Adapter Found’ Ubuntu 20.04

Where are WiFi signals ???

I was working on a project and suddenly internet stopped working for me. And when i check why my internet is not working, the reason what i found is in above image… ???? no clue why is that happened in sudden.

I searched on google but got so many answers and none worked for me. Tried reinstalling kernel version and blah blah blah … nothing worked for me after spending 2hrs.

But yea found solution and writing it here so that whoever face this problem can have the solution.

So now you don't have internet access to your laptop even to search the solution. To get the working connection do see what you have available from below steps -

  1. Connect LAN cable or
  2. Connect your smart phone and choose USB tethering.

Now you have working internet in your system

Just perform below steps to get your WiFi driver back to working.

Install synaptic package manager, first install it by running below command

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Here is your package manager UI.

Once synaptic is installed open the the synaptic manager and search for Intel WiFi driver if you have Intel processor or check for your system WiFi module.. but for all Intel models this driver works out. “iwlwifi

Select the driver and click apply… that's it, now restart your system and you have working WiFi driver in your system.

All the best.